Angela Scarponi

Artist based in Allen Park, Michigan

My mind incarnate

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Prints of paintings and photographs available.
Available for local henna tattoos (individual, parties, etc.)
Contact me for pricing and more info at

My name is Angela Scarponi and I am an artist from Allen Park, Michigan. My art has a tendency to gear toward the bizarre and the mystic. Existential thoughts and curiosities about life and reality are what fuel most of my creativity.

Anatomy, nature, and the entire scientific world are the purest forms of art in my opinion, and expounding upon aspects of this is what inspires me to create a lot of my work. What starts as a thought seed in my mind gets buried and mulled over and ends up blossoming, sometimes into something entirely unrelated, but the idea is still at the core of my creation, hidden and unseen by the viewer, but known to me.

Creating art is the purest expression of my thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and even though you may not know the thoughts that went into creating a certain piece, I hope you can still enjoy and appreciate it in your own way.


2017 (Art and Food Pop-Up), The Rockery, Wyandotte, MI
2018 (Month-Long Solo Display of Artwork), City Coffee House, Allen Park, MI
2019 2019 Pontiac Arts & Culture Crawl (Art Crawl), City of Pontiac, Pontiac, MI