Angela Scarponi — Artist based in Allen Park, Michigan

Sculptures & Mixed Media:

Sculptures handmade of out of air dry clay, painted with acrylic.
Mixed media projects.

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Baby Groot – Air dry clay, acrylic

Sauria – Egg shells, styrofoam head, lychee seeds, acrylic

Revival – Styrofoam head, dead milkweed pods, seed pods, cicada husks, dried rose

Majesty – Spackling paste, acrylic

Deer skull – Acrylic

The Faun – Air dry clay, acrylic

Tentacle – Air dry clay, acrylic

Dragon Eye – Air dry clay, watercolor

Transpersonal – Air dry clay, acrylic, marbles

Deer skull – Acrylic

“I can’t believe how strange it is to be anything at all” – Air dry clay, tissue paper, acrylic

Kodama Forest Spirit – Air dry clay, acrylic

Gila skull – Air dry clay

Wooden boomerang – Acrylic

Wooden boomerang – Acrylic

Paranoia – Crayon